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I stayed with him until he fell asleep again. I helped him clean underwear, new sports pants, clean shirt, tee and warm woolen socks. When he finally came to, I showed him the clothes I bought, and with his permission.

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Finally, I knew that's another thing that I could do. It is already too late, but I hated to leave. It can be found, and try our best to interview the boy.

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You know, officer, she said, her eyes on the sleeping figure. The doctor who came and went several times back and silently on my side.

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The boy never flinched in the next half an hour; She just blinked once or twice, and called softly for the assault kit. I'm not sure what she saw was not gasp or cry;

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Can I, she asked softly, and that. The doctor placed one of his hands on top of him and hugged him warmly. The joints are white with tension.

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